Reconnecting with Nature on a Sunday Morning in March

I need adventures. And I need nature. Often times that means taking my son and going on short walks, but there were some trails near my home I had never explored, and that is a real shame. So a friend and I set out early to beat the heat and headed to the Peak to Pomaria Passage of the Palmetto Trail here in South Carolina. If you would like more information about the trails you can visit their website here. Pomaria Sign

We started the day by parking my friends car at the end of the trail. This particular passage was purchased from a railway and turned into trails. There are a few historic markers along the nearly 11 mile trail, but there is also a cell phone tour available as you walk through the forest. While there are a few different points where you can begin your journey, we started at the Alston head and walked the entire trail. When we first arrived there were quite a few people there to great us that had camped overnight. You can launch a canoe or kayak from near the parking area, and there are picnic tables and benches available beside the Broad River.

On the first of many trestles we saw an animal that I didn’t even know existed inMusk Rat South Carolina. I had heard of them, but I really didn’t know anything about them. They were in the water and swimming, but they were also sitting on rocks. I knew that we had River Otters, but I had no ide that we had musk rats. And I had no idea that musk rats lived in water. Very cool! Along with the musk rats we saw several anoles and bird species as well. At one point we saw a beautiful cardinal near an unidentified tree with delicate purple blossoms.


The picture to the left is of one the trestles from below. It is really neat to be able to take stairs down to Crims Creek and the Broad River from the trestles. The water is so tranquil. Besides the river and creek, as you head toward the end of the trail the areas on either side of the trail also contain pooled areas of water. The crescendo of frogs serves as a warning that the landscape is getting ready to change in a really interesting and beautiful way. Along the trail the scenery changes a few times, which makes this particular passage extremely interesting from the beginning to the end. I would advise that you wear proper hiking shoes with ankle support since some parts of the trail can be rocky, but for the most part this is an easy, flat hike.

As a small excursion we decided to see a historical church along the way. This church dates back to the 1700’s. We could have gone in the opposite direction and visited another historical sight, but walking for miles on asphalt is pretty exhausting. That will have to wait until next visit.

There is a camping area toward the Pomaria end of the trail. If you look closely at the sign you’ll notice that there is no camping in the “bearmuda triangle”. While there are no bears in this area, I found that pretty funny. The camping area looks well kept and it’s near the creek. It has areas set up for fires and has picnic tables. I definitely want to go camping there at some point. If the fire rings, picnic table and incredibly cute sign hadn’t sold me on the camp sight, these guys would have…

There are cows across from the camp ground! they’re behind an electric fence, so no worries about them wandering over, but OMG they were so cute! I know it’s hard to see, but in the picture on the left, that’s a mom cow and three baby cows (also knows as calves…).

So while my feet and shins are a little sore, my soul feels better. That’s what nature does. It rejuvenates us. It reminds us to breathe. It reminds us that the world is a big, beautiful place and when things get hectic we can simply walk out into the woods and leave it all behind for a little while. Hello cows, goodbye stress.


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