We have a Battery Problem, but there are Solutions

So I’m going to talk about batteries today. It’s not a sexy topic. It is a problem though. We’re not supposed to just throw away used batteries, which means saving a bunch of leaking batteries in a bag and then taking a trip to a site that can dispose of them safely. Or the alternative is that most people don’t know that you’re supposed to do that, and they put them in the landfill anyway. In California it’s actually illegal to throw away single use batteries.

I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t take legislation to make me want to take care of the place that I live and the place where future generations are going to live. I do it out of love. But it can be a challenge when we’re used to doing things a certain way. And often we aren’t being malicious, be just don’t know how to do better.

The site Earth 911 can help you answer all sorts of questions about how to do better for the earth. They even have an entire article devoted to how to recycle single use batteries. They really are a great go to source on all things earth friendly.

Another great site to solve you battery problem is going to be the Greenbatteries Store (I’m an affiliate, but that’s because I use rechargeable batteries now so it only makes sense for us. I will only ever recommend a product that I would use with myself and my family). They sell batteries, chargers and replacement cords for your chargers. We have a couple different chargers at my house and not only are we helping the environment, but it’s also very convenient. When one of our child’s favorite dinosaurs stops working we don’t have to make him wait until we can go to the store and then shell out more cash for batteries that will work once and then we’ll have to either recycle or take to a waste disposal site. We can put the batteries in a 15 minute charger and he’s back in business in no time.

If you haven’t tried rechargeable batteries, there’s no time like the present. While the initial investment may be more, the money you’ll save in the long run is worth it. Not to mention you’re impact on the earth and the convenience of simply recharging when a remote stops working. And if you have kids, they are a must with all of the battery eating toys they have.


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