Just Because I Want To Teach Meditation and Mindful Living DOES NOT Mean I Want to be Some Guru

I love meditation. I love yoga. I love mindful living. But I have to be honest when I say that I don’t always love the people that teach these things. I’m not saying that they don’t have great knowledge, because they really do. They’ve devoted their entire lives to their passions. But that’s sort of the problem. Devoting your entire life to one particular thing can make you really amazing at that thing, but it can also make you a little…weird. And not so relatable for the rest of us.

I’m definitely not saying not to take their advice. I’m just saying that sometimes I wouldn’t want their lives, no matter how awesome they’re saying it is. Because I really don’t trust some of those people. And I don’t think you should trust some of them either. I think if you are always relaxed and happy and mindful then that’s great I guess…but I’m not sure I believe some of the people that claim that’s how things are for them. Like I’m pretty sure that if some of those same people got cut off in traffic they would flip someone the bird too.

What I’m trying to say is that some of those people have carved out a life where that are genuinely living mindfully despite the riggers of life around them. And that is amazing. Listen to them! And others have a very strange life where they are living some form of mindfulness that is pretty unrelatable. And good for them too I guess. They have some good stuff.  And then other people are completely full of shit. And not good for them. Because they are trying to sell you on something that is fake. Do not be fooled. They are just as messy as you are, but they are trying to hide it and make you feel baabout your mess. Shame on them. Bad guru! Bad! Back in your cave!

I guess I just don’t want anyone reading this blog to get the idea that when I talk about mindfulness in a serious way, that the person that is writing this is coming from a place of mastery over mindful living. The exact opposite is true. Mindfulness, meditation, self-care, yoga, etc. are tools that I use on a daily basis to help me cope with anxiety. I am not sitting in a cave somewhere (one with Wi-Fi) writing a blog to all of the lesser beings that aren’t doing life “properly”. Sorry to disappoint, but I am just as messy if not messier than you. Some days I feel like I’m messier than all of you combined.

I think there is a real problem in the natural healing and self-help world of people that are sort of ____-snobs. As in, yoga-snobs, meditation-snobs, mindfulness-snobs, aromatherapy-snobs, etc. It’s ridiculous. Yes, there are people that know more about subjects than others. But if I know more about something than you that doesn’t give me the right to be a self-righteous jerk. I can still be humble and help people. And there are lots of those people too. They just aren’t making as much money.  Self-righteous jerks also seem to be very good sales people, btw.

I just don’t agree with the idea that if you don’t pay $10,000 for some certificate with exactly no regulation then you just have nothing valuable to bring to the table. I started meditating and doing yoga around 20 years ago. In that time I’ve started a family, gotten a (useless) bachelors degree and done countless other things with my life. Things that just didn’t leave me free to spend thousands of dollars on getting certificates that I can’t use in the real world. I feel like lots of people with lots of valuable information can probably relate.

So I hope that some of you will read my post and know that I never write with the intention of making anyone feel bad. I write with the intention of sharing what things I do know and hoping that it helps someone the way that it helps me. And I mean it when I say I want to hear from you (being a writer can get pretty lonely!). I plan on learning more about meditation (I’ve found some reasonable courses) and maybe even taking a yoga teaching course and if I do I’ll offer some of that on this site in the future. So do me a favor, and grow with me. It might not be all smooth seas, but I set sail with a humble heart and the best of intentions.

I won’t be your guru, but I’m open for some good discussions. I’m open for sharing what I’ve learned and I’m currently learning. And I’m definitely up for learning a thing or two from y’all. Namaste y’all.


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