My Absolute FAVORITE Aromatherapy Diffuser


I really like to do my research before I purchase a product. Since I’m turning my home into my meditation (and hopefully yoga) studio I really wanted an essential oil diffuser that would make my home smell like a spa. I also wanted it to be attractive. What I didn’t want was something in my space that yelled, “Hey! Look at me!” I wanted it to be attractive and quiet. Note: The links below are affiliate links, however I was not paid to write this piece. I just really do love this diffuser.

And the more that I looked in to diffusers the more I knew that I didn’t want my diffuser producing heat. It degrades the essential oils. But more than that I was afraid that oil and heat could be a hazard. And with pets and children I didn’t want something that might burn them.

vida essentialsThere are tons of options out there! But when I found Vida Essentials diffusers I knew that I had found the right product. It comes in Dark Wood and Light Wood. You barely notice it’s there! It’s also completely silent.

And the mist that comes out of it is cool to the touch. I can keep it in my child’s bathroom at night with dark-wood-steaming_smalllavender oil in it and it will shut off when the water level gets low. It has optional LED lights on it that we’re using as a night light. I also plan to use it in our bedrooms when we have a cold with some peppermint and eucalyptus since it acts as a humidifier.

Like I said, I had looked at lots of diffusers, and because this one looks so modern really stylish I was afraid of the price tag. Usually it retails for $60, but paid $31.00 for mine with shipping and handling because I used the code VIDA15 for 15% off at checkout! So for $31.00 I got a diffuser I can use as a humidifier. I think I got a great deal!


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