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The Houseplant as a Metaphor on Life

Learning what it takes to successfully take care of a houseplant is a lot like learning self care.


Emergency! I Need you to VOTE! I need a HUGE favor from everyone that sees this!

So I wrote an essay hoping to win free yoga teacher training in Costa Rica. They narrowed the entries from 3000 to 50 and guess what…I’m one of them! Please go to the contest page, look for Stephanie Campbell and give my essay 5…

Parents Need a Yoga Practice Too

There’s no need to abandon yoga just because you have kids. Yoga can even help you be a better parent.

Acknowledge Your Progress

Perfectionism is something that I tend to struggle with. I used to be shocked when people would tell me that they thought I had it all together. To me it felt like I was a mess! I went to bed with a running list (and sometimes…

Don’t be a Yoga Snob

Yoga is for everyone. If you can’t say that phrase, then you might be a yoga snob.

Find Your Strength (and Length) in Mountain Pose

How to execute Mountain Pose (Tadasana) with strength and length…as well as love.

5 Fitness/Yoga Lessons You Can Take with You

5 fitness/yoga lessons that you learn and apply in other parts of your life.

Mindful Meditation to Ease Migraines

I am one of the more than 37 million reported migraine suffers. I recently learned that I suffer from something called silent migraine as well as the more traditional migraine symptoms. Today I had a migraine with nausea, neck pain, dizziness and headache (just to…

A Quick Video Hello

This is my first “vlog” post. Hello from South Carolina!